Divine rat

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Divine rat

In the north of India, they have their own temple, where they reign supreme. The servants of the temple subservient to the rats, praising them, preparing them their favorite food. At the same throughout the rest of the country are afraid of them like the plague, ruthlessly destroyed, and if that is prepared for them, the only “poison”

Once Sinah put a huge bowl of milk, hundreds of rats were crawling out from all angles, making for the food and crowding at the plate. Looking closer, you see that they are arranged in an orderly fashion. For each his place, and so every morning. Sinah sits there, quietly talking to them and gently stroking the animals. In the temple Deshnok, in the heart of Rajasthan, 1,000 km north of Bombay, the rats feel like kings in their kingdom. Being at liberty, without knowing the fears and complexes, they live here in paradise. Not afraid to run at your feet, and climbing over your clothes, look in your eyes, waiting for the gift. The object of worship – they were untouchable. Woe to peoples who by accident crushed little animals. They will be obliged to replace the dead animal by the silver statuette of a prematurely deceased rat.

The garden netting protects rats from crows and other predators. In this temple, and pilgrims come to the couple, who are among the hordes of rodents, looking calm and receiving their blessing, trying to recharge their mysterious power and energy. Here brings babies.

Divine rat

At the heart of this cult is a legend that says that five centuries ago, the goddess of Karnidzhi, who lost her son, who drowned, begged Yama, the god of death, to return to her baby. Yama agreed, but on condition that her son would return in the form of the rat. Today, a native of the caste of poets, kings, to which belonged Karnidzhi, is the custodian of the temple and caring for rats. Sometimes, the rats die from disease caused by an excess of sweet – the result of frequent gifts from the parishioners of this more than exotic temple. But the history – not a single case of epidemics, which, of course, confirms the divine origin of the local rats. (For three years, one male and one female can reproduce 20 million rats.)

Divine rat

They come from all parts of the country’s young and old. They say that communication with the gods allows tailed longevity. In response, the worship of any visitor to the rats did not cause harm. No one fell ill with plague and other diseases that carry these rodents. According to believers, it again confirms the divine origin of the rats. However, this “preferential treatment” is not stored in the rest of India. In Bombay, for example, rats assigned to a particularly dangerous form for humans rodents. Rat – a truly national disaster for India. Most homes do not have refrigerators, where they could hide from the rat food, and this is the result of 95% of houses infected rodents. At the beginning of the century brought a rat plague in this state, from which killed 12 million people, now authorities are trying to control the sanitary standards of living and storage products, are promoting the use of poisons. Do not make waste products on the street.

But you can not truly win the war on rats, winning battles with them. 600 thousand U.S. dollars – are made for the government to combat rodents. Each district has its own team of hunters, they set a trap and then into the special “crematoria” burnt carcass.

Every year in Bombay destroyed 400,000 rats. But it’s so far away from the temple …

Divine rat

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