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“In every man there is a particle of loneliness. Do not fill it any close human relationships, even the most powerful love between two beings. However, you are never alone. It penetrates deep into your heart and make sure not to man was created to live in it void. At the bottom of the spirit, where each is the other, waiting for you to Christ. ” Brother Roger.

Very well said Brother Roger, really, in every man there is a particle of loneliness that can never fill the earth, no entertainment, pleasure or enjoyment. It just so happened since the days of Adam and Eve, namely, the moment when they were expelled from paradise, in the hearts of the people settled loneliness. Perhaps loneliness is the one eternal longing for the days of stay in the paradise of God that lives in our hearts, and sometimes speaks to us in such a pleasant whisper of love? And He alone can fill the desert of loneliness, and turn it into a flourishing oasis. In the meantime, we have to travel of the desert, and it has its amazing beauty.

Many people are trying to fill his loneliness than anything (communicating with other people, drinking alcohol, TV, internet, computer games, work, parachute jumping, cross stitching, anything else), if only it did not feel. However, in a crowd or noisy cheerful company man can be alone and might not be lonely, being alone. And maybe the thing is that we should not run away from his loneliness, and vice versa – bravely to look him in the eye. A man who is not afraid of the loneliness, becoming self-sufficient and free, because it ceases to be dependent on the outside world, other people, circumstances. And it will be the first step to defeat them – get rid of loneliness have to accept it and love it.

Take loneliness means to me – do not be afraid to be alone, do not be afraid to be alone, to be able to miss. Sometimes being lonely can be very useful for the soul. Of course, the main thing is not to overdo it with loneliness, too, need to have fun, but you can not have fun all the time (like all the time to get bored).

And taking to move on, continue to look for the magical oasis, which is located in the desert of loneliness. In this oasis of living God, and he alone can fill our loneliness and drink thirsty travelers, to make our lives a full and happy, and I wish that all.

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