About author

About author

Hello, my name is Paul, and I’m happy to represent this online journal, with a little pathetic name “Awaking.” Why I decided to create this journal? Just because I’m very interested in things such as psychology, different religions, esoteric, art, travelling and so decided to share my passions with you dear readers (whoever you are). And I am most interested in such a thing as a joint psychology and religion, and their combination, the subject here will be the subject of many articles.

I am now almost the sole author of all articles, but if anyone of you feels that he can also write something interesting on the topics that were mentioned in the paragraph above, will be very happy to publish your thoughts, for it can contact with me via the page “Contact Us “or by means of telepathic communication. 🙂

P. S. When then there was my photo, but now it does not. Since our journal is a bit esoteric, which also suggest esoteric secrets, and decided to leave for a little anonymity.

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