Lucid dream

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Lucid dream

Called lucid dreaming such dreams, during which we understand that sleep and can even control your sleep. It would seem so simple – take and realize his dream in a dream. But experience shows that to do so is not easy, but during sleep, we often take our dreams for reality, and realize that these were only dreams after waking up. There is a very beautiful parable that illustrates this; the main character is a famous parable of the Muslim sage, the hero of many parables and anecdotes – Mula Khoja Nasreddin.

At nine in the morning Nasreddin still fast asleep. In the sky, the sun shone, the birds sang in the trees, and the breakfast has cooled. Therefore wife decided to wake him up. He woke up in anger: – Why did you wake me now? – He cried. – The sun has risen for a long time, – said his wife – a bird for a long time awake, and your breakfast is ready. – Damn, this breakfast – he muttered – I just had to sign a contract for one million grams of gold! With that, he closed his eyes again, to return to their interrupted sleep and one million grams of gold.

Something similar happens with many of us in dreams, in the end, and our very lives may in reality be a dream, and not the fact that we sleep, we can remove the …

Since ancient times, dreams were an important subject of study of various priests, magicians, druids and shamans who, above all, had to be able to interpret them. Over time, this study grew into something more, namely, some shamans and druids using a magical ritual practices, learn to control their dreams. (Thus the Celtic Druids were able to deliberately go into the specifics of the dream ritual during which they revealed the future).

The first step to do to control your dream – is to realize that sleep. So there was the practice of lucid dreaming, which persisted to the present day mainly in different shamanic traditions of different peoples. In modern times, these traditions were popularized in the work of the famous American anthropologist and spirituality of all time – Carlos Castaneda, who was a disciple of the wise Indian Don Juan (I would say Indian shaman, though, in the books of Castaneda’s Don Juan is not called a shaman).

In Castaneda’s apprenticeship system, great attention is paid to just lucid dreaming, Castaneda is poetically called “The Art of Dreaming”, and people practicing the art of dreaming – “dreamers”. The idea is simple – learn to control their dreams. This training begins with simple exercises – to try to understand the dream during sleep using the power of intention. (just have a strong desire, as the saying goes: “If you really want to, you can fly into space”). If you were able to realize a dream within a dream, the next step is to try to see his hands. After the hands are already other body parts. And already it would be cool, if I can learn to behave in a dream just relaxed and natural as in the waking state.

As to why is it necessary – be aware of your dreams, there are several reasons for which you can do this practice. As we know from psychology, sleep – is the gateway to our subconscious, so in my dreams, can penetrate into the deep stratum of our psyche (the main thing was not to break anything). Therefore, lucid dreaming is one of the tools of self-knowledge. It is also possible to practice lucid dreaming from a simple desire for the unusual sensations and impressions, or to solve some of their personal problems. (For example, to overcome the lack of confidence)

Subject lucid dreaming is extremely popular among various Carlos Castaneda admires who wrote off tons of paper how you can get in lucid dreaming. This interesting topic we will definitely return, you may be able to interview someone who is directly involved in such practices.

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