Our false “I” and what to do with them. The end.

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The first part of the false “I” can be read here. And now to your attention a few common sub-personalities, which, although dependent on “pif” but not her close relatives.

“Gorgol accumulation.” This figure comes from the great primary element “Save”, and therefore it is extremely strong and is available in almost all people. Transfiguration “Gorgol drive” from the negative to the positive sub-personalities can, as in the case of “svinyushkoy” resolve most of our psychological problems. Nakopitelskie overcome our instincts by force of will, as experience shows, it’s hopeless. It’s worse than snapping empty nuts. With “kurkulёm accumulation”, in our view, should not be fighting. All you have to do is refocus its “drive” with the accumulation of certain values on others. If you’ve accumulated (and this gave the pig fun) money and material resources, the promotion of the career ladder, the amount of your significance in the society, the things that marks the success (his, their loved ones, your idol, your favorite team), the amount received from pleasures of life, etc. , Now you will accumulate compassion for those who do not know what they do, accepting that you can not change invulnerable values, the number of your performance, health, etc.

“Dragon self-assertion” is unhealthy incarnation in the human psyche primary element “Separation” with a variety of shapes and colors and depending on the specific display has a different name: the Egoist, Narcissus, in love with the praise, the Conqueror, power-hungry (fame, prestige) and the like. The strength and power of this figure, however. Hopefully, we all know how difficult it is to overcome his pride, thirst for excellence, ambition, etc. As is the case with “Kurkulёm” fight “Whelp” by the power of the will as a matter of unpromising. For transformation “Hatchling” in the “unique individual” should be to refocus on falling asleep, waking up the system from external to internal values, independent of the people.

“Servile offspring.” This “I” is more or less present in every person, as each of us is involved (physical, financial, social, intellectual, emotional) in the lives of their relatives, friends and associates of an organization, team, nation, country planets, etc. And if these relatives, friends, structures, etc., that we serve, do not follow the values of the “Spirit of Life” and a false or misguided entities, we will automatically commit a crime against the Spirit of Life (God), and deserve appropriate punishment. In our practice of repeatedly met parents who have lived for the children whose interests are far from being able to constantly learn, practice and master new skills. As a result, the fate of these parents often evolved very sad. At best, the children grew more pigs, which “all give and give, and no thanks from them.”

“Thirsty for revenge.” This figure is the product of one of the 16 most frequent (according to research by C. Rice) desires. According to Rice, the thirst for vengeance if not satisfied, the person can not feel happy. According to our observations, vindictive people show their vengeance even in small things, and had a special fondness for films with the theme of just vengeance.

– What we need to do to get rid of revenge?

– The drug in this case only – compassion for those who do not know what he was doing, that is the wish object of his dislike of the understanding, wisdom and gaining psychological health. Moreover, this drug should be taken quite a long time and not just before going to sleep and waking, but every time there is a desire for revenge. Take the example of Jesus of Nazareth, St. Seraphim of Sarov, Nikolay Czarnecki and other saints who are in the most brutal treatment to them without a moment’s angry with his tormentors and prayed constantly for them.

“A fighter for justice.” This figure is quite strong among those who rightly considered one of the greatest values of life. Indeed, if justice prevailed throughout the world, it would be long gone borders, prisons, the world’s reign would be communism, and so on.. But this is unfortunately not the case, how could we not fight for justice.

– Why?

– Because people achieve justice appeals to the conscience, or tightening of the penal system is not possible. As long as the core values of human life are the power and superiority, money and wealth, idleness, physical pleasure, and the like, there is no system of penalties does not make a person just. It is necessary to slightly loosen the control, as the person’s willingness to do injustice immediately materialize.

– What to do with our “fighter for justice”?

– No reprogramming in this case is not necessary. “Fighters for justice” is only necessary to understand that to achieve universal justice by fighting for it is impossible. The only way to achieve justice – a shift of emphasis in the human mind with the values of transient and secondary to the leading of the Spirit of Life values. Anything that can make a “fighter for justice” to achieve the desired result – a re-qualify on the “educator of humanity”, but it is advisable not to fall into the trap of “the great teacher.”

“Great Teacher” in order to lose the label of “great”, you must subdue thirst “to teach” the principle of “fruitful.” This means that you need to learn to tailor to whom, when and how much should be given to instructing their instructions. In addition, it is desirable to take care of the quality of its advice and recommendations, and for this you need to study, study and study again. If these conditions are met, the “great teacher” becomes a simple respected teacher.

“Jealous nerd.” Get rid of jealousy, as you know, it is not even easy. This happens because in the experience of human jealousy typically involves multiple sub-personalities. This, for example, touchy, offended, lawyer, decent, neat, needy, the owner, imperious, etc. and get rid of jealousy – it means to get rid of the tyranny of the listed companies.

I agree that it’s really not an easy task. But the problem is, you can significantly easier if you do not fight with the experience of jealousy in general, and to try to disarm the jealousy of root generating sub-personalities.

In order to establish the root of Selves turn to the experience of jealousy in children (less than a child, the better). In children, we have a chance to observe the experience of jealousy in its pure form, as they have many sub-personalities that are involved in the experience of jealousy in the adult, has not yet formed.

Consider, for example, the mechanism of occurrence of jealousy of a child against the mother – the widow, which a man appeared. Mother to child – is 90% of the universe in which it is in many ways totally needs. Of course, the child does not want to share with someone else for a man his most valuable property, and therefore it is by all means available to him to fight for his property. The whole complex of feelings reluctance to share his mother even with someone and be called pure jealousy.

Thus, the more we need the object of his adoration and the more believe that the object of his property, the more we will be jealous of him. The conclusion suggests itself. The less we will be the owners of the soul and the less we will need someone or something, the more we will be free from jealousy.

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