Emine Bair Khosar

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Пещера Эмине Баир Хосар

With the arrival of warm summer time always starts very strong pull in the Crimea. And in the Crimea, who had a rest as someone roasts all day on the beach, swim in the sea and drinking fine Crimean wine. I especially prefer outdoor activities and love to travel to different places of interest. One such place is devoted to today’s article. It is a cave under the unfamiliar (for the Slavic ear) Turkic name “Emine Bair Khosar.” The cave is very beautiful.

Is “Emine Bair Khosar” on the pass Cheter Doug between Simferopol and Alushta. Nearby is another good cave called “marble.” Interestingly, the number of tourists who visit the Marble Cave, several times the visitors’ Emine Bair Khosar “(although caves are very close to each other, around 20 minutes to walk). Why do you think? Very simply, because of the name – “Marble” simple name, easy to remember, and “Emine Bair Khosar” Try to remember and then rebuke. Since the Turkic language Emine Bair Khosar translated as “well on the slope near the oak” (Emine – oak, Bair – slope Khosar – well). The cave itself was discovered by cavers in 1927 only.

Пещера Эмине Баир Хосар
Пещера Эмине Баир Хосар

Here is the main entrance to the cave, as well, the first cavers researchers on the ropes going down, feeling like pioneers in the underworld. Then he found a normal side entrance, through which all the tourists go.

Пещера Эмине Баир Хосар Пещера Эмине Баир Хосар

Map of the cave. The cave itself is quite large and deep, and yet there is very cold. Generally, the temperature in the cave is the same all year round – 5 degrees Celsius, so going to look at it is required to take care of warm clothing, and with the summer heat goes directly into the refrigerator.

About ten thousand years ago, during the early Paleolithic through the territory of Ukraine (and Crimea) still go mammoth, one of them took his last steps outside our cave. Poor guy mammoth cave fell into a well, there in the cave, and went into another world, and its remains are preserved to this day. Here they are.

Пещера Эмине Баир Хосар

Poor mammoth was still very young when he fell on his sorrows in the cave. Cavers, who found and collected his bones, jokingly nicknamed mammoth Coley. Therefore, get acquainted – the mammoth Kohl (or rather what’s left of it).

Пещера Эмине Баир Хосар Пещера Эмине Баир Хосар Пещера Эмине Баир Хосар Пещера Эмине Баир Хосар Пещера Эмине Баир Хосар

The cave has several large rooms filled with beautiful stalactites (icicles on top), stalagmites (icicles below) stalagnates (icicles on top and bottom joined in the arms of eternity). And there is where the stalactite and stalagmite close to each other, but have not yet joined, speleologists call it – “kiss”

Пещера Эмине Баир Хосар

One of the rooms is the most genuine underground lake.

img class=”aligncenter size-full wp-image-3347″ title=”Пещера Эмине Баир Хосар” src=”http://waking-up.org/wp-content/uploads/2011/09/P5050337.jpg” alt=”Пещера Эмине Баир Хосар” width=”600″ height=”450″ /> Пещера Эмине Баир Хосар

Stalactites, stalagmites, and stalagnates form an amazing symphony of shapes, is only to give vent to imagination, and you can still see something.

Пещера Эмине Баир Хосар

Stalagmite – White caver.

Пещера Эмине Баир Хосар

Cap of Monomakh.

Пещера Эмине Баир Хосар

Stalagmites, “King and Queen”.

Пещера Эмине Баир Хосар

And still guides-speleologists, which lead visitors through the cave a great sense of humor, they now and then pierced with tourists. Before descending into the deepest hall tour guide with a straight face he said: “From a long stay in a cave in the head may be a variety of glitches is to see, hear voices, music.” And guess what, we get down into this room and did not hear the music, and that anyhow, and Wagner’s “Ride of the Valkyries” Just think – all the glitches began. Until I saw the column – I do not believe it. But as kayfovo perceived Wagner’s music in a cave at a depth of 70 meters below the surface.

Пещера Эмине Баир Хосар

And live cavers.

No matter how beautiful the cave was, but after half an hour of wandering in her lovely (but cold) underworld we have successfully returned to the surface once again came to the warm rays of the summer sun. Everyone who will travel to the Crimea, I recommend definitely visit this cave with complex Turkic name – Emine Bair Khosar

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