Muhammad – the prophet of Allah. Part two.

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The first part can be read here. As sung in one song: “Moscow was not built.” Similarly, the prophetic office of Mohammed did not immediately become popular among ordinary Arab Bedouin. The Arabs at the time were pagans and worshiped many different gods, embodies those or other forces of nature. Great respect enjoyed a huge black stone of the Kaaba in Mecca, which was probably of meteoric origin. For the Arabs, of all times, this rock is one of the greatest shrines. In Islamic times until there were major pagan idols of different gods who worshiped the Arab tribes.


It looks like the Muslim Kaaba today.

In his impassioned sermons as Mohammed, first of all, I opposed the worship of many pagan gods and idols calling all appeal to the belief in one God – Allah. In the world, everything happens by the will of Allah; it rewards the humble and righteous and punishes the proud and wicked. He created the world; He put an end to it. The name of Allah – Muhammad taught – just one of the many names of God, and His true name knows no mortal. There are no other gods besides Allah.

This monotheism (belief in one God), Muhammad preached that in principle there was nothing new or unique. Belief in one God, He already preached to the Jews and Christians, and biblical scenes were well-known in the Arabian Peninsula. Flame burning in the hut of the Christian hermit who became the prevalent way in the poetry of the Arab Bedouin. Even Muhammad did not deny Judaism and Christianity, saying, “God – the same God as the God of the Jews and Christians. They just got a true divine revelation before Arabs and therefore partly forgotten it, and partly distorted. “

Mohammed was sincerely convinced that not only his Arab compatriots, but also Jews and Christians accept it as a cleansing preaching their religion. But as we can see – this has not happened. The Jews could not accept the teachings of Muhammad, though, because he was not a Jew by birth. Christians firmly believe in Jesus Christ and not going to change their beliefs.

And yet, in the Islamic tradition, a lot of things taken from Judaism and Christianity, and all the heroes of the Bible can be found in the Qur’an by a few curved Arabic-style names. So Abraham appeared under the name of Abraham, Moses – Musa Solomon – Suleiman, Jesus – Isa. As for the relationship to the person of Jesus Christ in Islam, he admits, but the Prophet.

At first, not only a large number of residents interested in Mecca preaching of the Prophet Muhammad, they were mostly close relatives, they are all gathered together in the house of the Prophet for a common prayer to God. Over time, they were joined by a few others, among whom was a wealthy merchant named Abu Bakr. This small but close-knit religious community began to call themselves Muslims. A Muslim from Arabic means “the one that he gave himself” (Meaning: the one that he gave himself to God). In a little community of Muslims began to grow still, it entered new people, among who were slaves, Bedouin, youths of noble birth. The rulers of Mecca began to worry, because Muhammad was against the pagan religion of their ancestors.

Began a crackdown against Muslims, they declared a dangerous sect. Elders birth forbade young boys to communicate with Muslims, even some parents locked her Muslim children in the house, not letting the street, Muhammad himself mercilessly hounded and criticized. My uncle and patron Muhammad, an influential merchant Abu Talib, and even though he was not a Muslim, but stood up for the nephew as he could, but after he died, the residence of Muhammad in Mecca has become deadly.

Shortly before this, one of his sermons made a strong impression on a group of residents from the neighboring city of Mecca Yasruba who came to Mecca at the fair. Yasrubtsy spread the news about the charismatic wise prophet of their city and decided to invite Muhammad to him. When a stay of the Prophet in Mecca became absolutely unbearable, he, along with his faithful companion Abu Bakr escapes from Mecca and sent to Yasrub. While the rulers of Mecca, Muhammad announce a dangerous man, and even sent him chase. To deceive the pursuers Mohammed three days was hiding in a cave in the south of Mecca, and then successfully reaches Yasruba.

In Yasrubi Muhammad very well take his sermon resonates among the inhabitants of this city, who will soon take a new religion, and all are Muslims. Muhammad himself became the ruler of the city, which is now renamed Medina, which in Arabic language means “City of the Prophet.”

More and more Arab tribes to adopt a new faith and call themselves Muslims, finally the time has come to liberate the Arab main relic – the sacred Kaaba stone, and with it the hometown of the Prophet – Mecca of the idols of pagan gods. January 1 630, the year of the Medina serves thousands of troops led by the Prophet and marched to Mecca. January 12 Muslim army freely enters Mecca. The people of Mecca virtually no resistance, only one unit of the Muslim troops blocked the road the city’s defenders, who fled after her short skirmish, which killed some Muslims.

Prophet Mohammed, accompanied by Abu Bakr rode on horseback through the city, walked seven times around the Kaaba in prayer, and then ordered to throw out all the pagan idols, after a speech to the inhabitants of Mecca, declaring that God forgives them. So the black stone of Mecca and the Kaaba have become a major Muslim shrine and a sacred duty of every Muslim is at least once in a lifetime to make a pilgrimage (hajj) to Mecca and the Kaaba. Here are some interesting facts about the history of the birth of the youngest world religion – Islam.

Further life of the Prophet spent developing his new religion, combining it with the rule of the Arab tribes, who had previously been divided, now united under the banner of a new young religion – Islam. As it so happened, that religion and politics in the life of the Prophet Muhammad are intimately intertwined. And laying the foundation of a new religion, a lot of religious rules and guidance has been made of the then socio-cultural and political considerations. So the Muslims were forbidden to drink alcohol, eat pork, to participate in gambling, to borrow money at interest.

The last years of his life the Prophet spent trying to spread Islam in other countries. And since in those days was a law – who has more axes, is right; Muhammad began to prepare an expedition to the north of the Jordan, in the land of the Persians (who then professed Zoroastrianism). Shortly before the start of the Prophet fell ill and died. Prophet’s death was unexpected for the majority of his supporters Muslims. Although Mohammed constantly, and claimed that he was only a mortal man many had hoped for a miraculous divine intervention and healing of the Prophet. After his death, Abu Bakr addressed the Muslims saying: “Those of you who worshiped Allah let them know that Allah is alive and will live forever. But those of you, who worshiped Muhammad, let me know – Muhammad is dead. “

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