Lucid dreaming. Interview with Alexander Koritskii.

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Александр Корицкий

Today, our website will have very interesting interview about the realization of a dream. Subject lucid dreaming has been raised on the site. Moreover in the last article about lucid dreaming, I promised possible to interview someone who is directly involved in this practice and now it is. Meet Alexander Koritskii known Lviv esoteric.

1. Hello, Alexander, to begin with a few words to tell us about yourself, what you do, are interested in?

Hello. I am interested in esoteric direction, which can be called bio-energy or energy work of man. I represent Rhode new people, since 2004 engaged in the processing of information and the conclusion of guidelines for the establishment and realization.

2. How long practice of entering the realization of the dream?

I first learned about lucid dreaming as early as 90 years from the books of Carlos Castaneda, since interest and practice. Since 2003, she started dreaming of the group. If you take the time from the first group output in lucid dreaming pasted more than five years.

3. How is the entrance into a lucid dream, what techniques are used for this?

For permanent and correct entry in the dream can not simply use the technique and enter. In any case, you need to have a sufficient flow of energy, not only to go into a dream, but while there, to be able to capture all of the events, objects, information. It is not difficult, but requires some preparation. Before entering dreams (another name – the entry into the astral plane), we propose to study the etheric body – energy, responsible for the physiological health. This frees up enough energy to calm and poised to enter the dream. If you follow my way, it might be yoga, prayer, meditation, martial arts – all that will enable your physiology to work efficiently and smoothly. Therefore, further work with dreams, we offer three basic exercises: space travel, time travel, totem transformation.

The spatial movement is designed to study the universe in general and the places where to go like that would like to see. That movement can allow a person to visit other planets, to visit those parts of the world, where perhaps people have never been and will not be able to visit.

Temporary movement intended to study its own time axis – in the future and the past, and in the past, which is not limited to some episodes. The future in this case is limited only by your own energy capacity – moving ahead quite energy intensive.

Totemic transformation, the transformation of the form to the selected creature must add human energy at work in dreams and in real life. In Ukrainian folklore, people often compared to animals or birds: healthy as wild boar, clumsy as a bear, dirty like a pig, like an eagle posture. This – the easiest way to find their totem creature, at least at the beginning. But often, people want to be “noble” creatures: the dragon, tiger, cobra, falcon, eagle … Nobody wants to see themselves in the real world – a pig, frog, worm, mole … So we work first with the totem, which is man himself chooses – if you do not know the true – and eventually person can come to your own choice of true totem, which gives him more energy content, which is possible to get on the astral level (the dream).

4. What is already concrete results and achievements?

Results and achievements we have the time. According to the classification of significant events while working with dreams, results, and along with achievement is the ability to go into a lucid dream (awareness of the moment of falling asleep, the vision is extremely real sleep remembering dreams, self-awareness in a dream, control of attention (focused study of objects of sleep), exercise conscious action during sleep), waking up / jump / dive from one dream into another dream (nested dream) (the ability to consciously enter into a dream within a dream, asleep in the first dream, to see inside another dream, to realize itself in the second dream), the experience of contact teacher with dreams, find themselves sleeping in a dream, a place where you sleep, to synchronize the time in the dream and the “real” world, consolidation of the assemblage point anywhere, get a full perception of the (crows, etc.) with the twin positions dream job with a focus on different levels, reaching the third attention.

Among those involved, of course, somewhere half the above achievements reach each. Further results in particular require intensive training dreams.

5. A teacher who is dreaming?

Teacher dreams – is the code name of energy, which helps fulfill the dreams of any possible situation in a short time, be aware of their own, have made mistakes and correct them in dreams that do not occur in reality. With teacher dreaming familiar to anyone who has ever seen “prophetic” dreams, acquaintances or strangers, with whom there were some events in dreams.

6. How long must be dealt with in order to achieve certain results (see his hands in a dream, a dream figure in a dream)?

Everything depends on the initial state of a person. If a person has been, or what practices and the etheric body (physiology) is working properly, then self-awareness in a dream (so-called “vision of hands”) will need about 20-30 hours of study. To enter a nested sleep (the dream figure during sleep), we still have 40-60 hours of study.

7. What safety when entering lucid dreams? What you can not do in this case? Are there any contraindications?

To enter the dreams are no clearly defined rules of safety. At the beginning of training simply be rested, the so-called resource state, and in a simple way – to have enough strength to enter into a dream. Usually, people are divided into several categories. Some say they see no dreams at all – these people see the space – black surface (or monochrome). The latter say that they constantly have nightmares. Still others say they see in black and white (monochrome) dreams. The rest of the happy people say they normally see colorful dreams, but do not always remember them. All people have dreams, all the people see colorful dreams, all the people are able to enter into a dream. But much energy is not enough to realize it. So just relax before you do it consciously. Contraindications – excessive depletion boundary emotional states, something critical. It has little effect on the quality of dreams, but a big influence on awareness.

8. The group dream is different from the individual?

Theoretically – nothing. In practice, people who want to visit for the first time in a group dream should again be sufficient for energy. The second condition – the group should in reality feel each other (meet and practice) and see the astral (in meditation or in dreams) form each other. The third condition (optional) – you need to agree on a venue known to all. Fourth -Entrance in the dream it is desirable to sync with a range of less than an hour.

9. What are the requirements to a group of dreams, the number of people, gender, training and so on?

The group of dreams, there is one requirement – people should have about one energy level. It is desirable that one person took on the role of launcher – had in his mind the astral forms of each group. The number of people in the group – arbitrary. But, of course, an increase in the group outside the effective amount – it will not be a dream, and the market in its quantitative expression. Although qualitative and too. Much will depend on the coordinator launcher.

We spent a dream group with the number of participant’s ten persons, after which we all remember what happened, which took place, conversation, actions.

10. Can you tell us about some interesting event (or events) that happened to you during lucid dreaming?

For me, every dream – this is an interesting case. One of the most interesting was when the first time in a single dream I was moved between several (five or six realities). Each of these realities is physically consistent with ours, but differed as “time” coordinate and “spatial” features, with the same force of gravity, horizon, picture of the constellations in the sky, but, for example, the architecture, the network streets, appliances, clothing dramatically different. Then I realized that cling to the desire to see the familiar shape of the universe is useless.

11. What is for you the practical value of the practice of entering into lucid dreaming?

It is for me and my colleagues very valuable practices of dreams is to provide energy during the dream, working out of those situations, which in real life would need months, years, decades. Dreams allow you to quickly restore power, allowing sleeping, for example, 4 hours a day and feeling great. Dreams allow working out several scenarios that in reality it was not possible b.

12. What can you wish to our readers?

The continuous flow of energy.

Thanks to Alexander Koritskii for the interesting interview.

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