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Stonehenge is one of the most mysterious and interesting buildings of ancient times. Located in the United Kingdom in Wiltshire, not far from the small English town of Salisbury (south-west of London). Stonehenge is a circle of huge stones inlaid, which lie on each other recalling the giant gate (or door). The ancient Britons called this wonderful building “dance of the giants”


Next to the Egyptian pyramids Stonehenge for many centuries continues to haunt the imagination of scientists, historians, writers and even the esoteric. Relative to the time of appointment and this strange building among scientist’s historians still no consensus. But there are many guesses, here are a few of them:

According to official science, Stonehenge began to build 4,000 years ago. The very process of its construction lasted several centuries. Large blocks of stone were cut in quarries, and on the water or soil dragged to the location of Stonehenge. This construction cost a lot of effort and sacrifice, if we consider that the ancients were having only primitive tools. (A quarry located within 300 miles from the location of Stonehenge!) Stonehenge itself, according to scientists, was built for the Celtic Druids could do their magic rituals during the winter and summer solstices.


So probably was Stonehenge in the ancient time.


And so it is today.

Another theory about the origin of Stonehenge, said that the ancients had no relation to this construction. In late 1994, Professor University of Wales, David Bowen, used the most advanced methods, conducted to determine the age of Stonehenge. It turned out that Stonehenge is already 140 000 years! That is, it existed in the territory of modern Britain long before that when there came the Celts. It is likely that for the ancient Celts, Stonehenge was a mystery as it is for us in the 21st century. A Celtic Druids saw this interesting building, just could not make it his own temple. Stonehenge itself is in old times, could probably be built by the Atlanteans – citizens of the mythical Atlantis, ancient highly developed country, which sank under the water.

There is also a magic-fairy-tale version of the appearance of Stonehenge. It is connected with the legend of King Arthur. According to her near the location of Stonehenge occurred brutal battle in which soldiers killed 300 worthy. And King Arthur in honor of the memory of this great decided to build a monument. His friend and teacher – the magician Merlin with magic miraculously moved the stones from Ireland. And there was a Stonehenge.

Very interesting discovery was made by famous astronomer Freud’s Hall. By studying the geometric properties of Stonehenge, he discovered that his designers knew the exact orbital period of the moon and the duration of the solar year. Moreover, the ancient giant monolith is not only the solar and lunar calendar, and is an exact model of the solar system. According to this model in our solar system, there are at 9 and 12 planets, two of them beyond the orbit of Pluto, and one – between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter. This model is quite similar to the latest predictions of astronomical science, according to which our solar system still 12, not 9 planets. It’s amazing what modern scientists are discovering that people were known for centuries before.

For many millennia, these are huge stones on the green plains of Britain. Much they saw in their life, bravely endured the winds, rains, storms and tempests, they saw the ancient Celts and medieval English knights. However, nearly became a victim of a large crowd of tourists rushed to look at this building in the 20th century. Many of our “civilized” contemporaries so much wanted, who pebble as a souvenir to break off, who left an inscription. And probably did not survive these majestic stones invasion of the “civilized tourists,” in the 20th century, though archaeologists and researchers do not restrict access for the masses of tourists to this unique stone building, Stonehenge, which is a symbol not only of Britain but a mysterious past.

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