The symbolism of Easter eggs

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Easter eggs

Easter egg – an egg painted with different colors, colors and patterns, an essential attribute of any Easter celebrations in Ukraine and in many other parts of the world. And Easter eggs (in Ukraine they called Pysanka) – an ancient form of sacred art, which has its roots in antiquity. And not only goes back to antiquity Easter eggs, but other than that in the distant depths of our subconscious mind, so much so far and deep are the depths of that scary to think. Although everything seems easy, Pysanka – painted egg, and that generally is the egg? (Well, of course, except that sometimes from the eggs can be made excellent fried) Egg – primarily the source of life for our ancestors, who were in harmony and unity with Mother Nature more than we do, the egg was a small miracle. And really, is not it a miracle when any of the hen’s egg hatches a yellowish fluffy chick?

fluffy chick

Somewhere like this.

Egg – the source of life and if chickens and other birds through the egg is directly coming into the world, then in our life eggs also play an important role. (Especially for men). Whether we like it or not, and the egg – one of the major archetypes of our subconscious, and not even the individual unconscious, but the total collective unconscious of humanity. The instinct of procreation laid nature in all the sentient beings from a single cell amoeba, and to us, humans.

Therefore, it is not surprising that the theme of eggs present in all ancient mythologies and pagan religions of the world, in numerous myths, legends, fairy tales, or Indian, or Slavic, or Celtic, or Bushmen. The Indian god Brahma, the appeared from the eggs hatch, and then one half of it became sky, another earth, and our world – like a huge omelet. The ancient Egyptians represented the universe in the form of eggs. The Persians were kept molten images of their eggs in the Zoroastrian temples, as a symbol of all that is born.

Therefore, the egg – not just a tasty omelet, but something much deeper, and this is something deeper in ancient pagan antiquity originated Easter eggs sacred art, when people at Easter, which is symbolized in pagan times, just the arrival of spring, and hence the birth of new life (since all are born with a spring, nature blooms) began to draw and paint the eggs (a symbol of life) in different colored inks, amazing decorations and ornaments. Thus, they both paid tribute to life itself, its manifestation in the form of eggs. In fact, painted Easter eggs – little Easter mystery.

Ornaments and patterns were also very symbolic:

Easter eggs

Many Easter eggs pictured sun symbol, which warms the earth for its warm rays, gives joy and warmth. After all, without the glow of sun there can be no life, spring, just winter, darkness and death … And the sun each day brings a new day, and with it a new life …

Easter eggs

It is also often met on the egg broken swastika or cross. Of course, the swastika has nothing to do with fascism. Just in time Hitler blatantly steal one of the ancient pagan sacred symbols – the swastika that symbolized, did so again the sun.

Easter eggs

The image of horses on the egg is also associated with the sun, because many of the pagan beliefs of the sun is depicted riding a chariot drawn by fiery horses.

Easter eggs

Birds on the egg are a symbol of the origin of life, fertility and abundance. In the Christian understanding of the birds symbolize the union of earthly and divine.

Easter eggs

Cross on the egg – also a very old pagan symbol, which arose long before Christianity. The cross was a symbol of the universe, the four cardinal directions, four seasons, four winds. And since the advent of the Christian era the cross was the embodiment of the martyrdom of Jesus Christ and his subsequent miraculous resurrection, the victory over death.

Easter eggs

The tree on the egg symbolizes the rebirth of a continuous nature.

Also, its symbolism and allegory have colors that are painted Easter egg. Red symbolizes passion, love and fire. In the Christian sense, it was tied up with the blood of Jesus, a voluntary self-sacrifice, in which he went through his boundless God’s love. Black symbolizes death and the afterlife. Yellow – the yield of green – the world, mother nature, her wealth, white – the symbol of purity.

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