Karma and Dharma

Karma and Dharma


Dharma is one – to love God, to seek him, and everything else – karma.
(Zen parable of the ship of fools)

The concept of karma and dharma occupy a central place in the eastern philosophy and religion. Without karma and dharma can not do in Buddhism, Hinduism, and in a lot of different oriental religious spiritual and esoteric currents. There karma and dharma in Christianity, Islam, Judaism, and in general in any religion in the world. The word “karma” and “dharma” are of Sanskrit origin. Karma is derived from the Sanskrit word “pocket”, which translates to action, action. The very same karma means – a causal link, the reward. The content of the concept of karma can simply pass proverb: “What goes around – comes around.”

In the Gospel it is written: “Do not lay up for yourselves treasures on earth, collect treasures in heaven” (Matthew 6: 19-20). Karma is something like our personal bank account, but the bank is not an earthly, but a heavenly. And by this it may be in our favor, and vice versa – in the negative. It all depends on our lives, our actions, actions that we sow in life. In one parable beautifully written: Our life – a pot, which is fighting a thistle flower. And win the one we will be more watered. (Zen parable of the ship of fools). Therefore karma can be either positive or negative. Moreover, any karma will necessarily be shown, or in this life or the next. And our today’s current life and our destiny is predetermined that karma (bank account), we planted earlier in previous lives.

Sometimes confused concepts of karma and destiny, saying – “this really is my karma.” In fact, karma – it is not fate; destiny is only a consequence of karma and its fruit, but not the most karma. For the teachings of Hinduism and Buddhism, it is karma determines many things in our lives: our place of birth, why we are born just at one or another parent in this country, and our fate. (But fate determines not to finish). For one of the sovereign rights of any person – it’s freedom of choice. That is, we choose what actions to perform, and thus accumulate karma proper, forming their own destiny. The law of karma explains this seemed a great injustice when for example, someone born in a good loving family, and someone born in a family of alcoholics or drug addicts. Born in a poor family may be due to bad karma or negative karma specific tests for the soul.

For example, someone in a previous life he was a deputy, stole a lot of things, all his life deceiving people and hypocrites in the next life as a punishment for it, may be born in a family homeless.

So much better to live in accordance with his conscience, not to sow evil to others, because evil will definitely come back on our heads. In order not to violate the law of karma, and not to produce a tile on the head, it is necessary to follow a simple rule described in the Bible: “Do unto others as you want them to do to you.” (Luke 7:12)

Regarding the dharma – that is the law of dharma. Do not just some kind of a law such as the law of Ukraine, the Dharma – is the supreme cosmic law, the incarnation of universal harmony and justice. Of course, there is much to write and speak about the dharma, but the good of it will not be any, because it is very simple. As it is written in the epigraph – the basic law, the basic dharma for people is to love God. Only by following this supreme law of dharma love can come to higher states of spiritual development: Enlightenment, Moksha, Nirvana, the kingdom of heaven. This is evidenced by Jesus, responding to a question the lawyer about what to do to inherit eternal life: “Love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and by all means, and with all thy mind; and thy neighbor as yourself. ” (Luke 10:27)

But you can not love God without loving people, and you get a funny situation as a joke described monk Jesuit Anthony de Mello.

After one settlement, which was a lot of churches held a wanderer? Struck by so many churches, he enthusiastically asked the janitor who swept the street: “I see in your town a number of churches, apparently the local love God.” To which the porter replied, “God maybe they love, but each other can not stand.”

And just as it is easy to love all humanity but sometimes difficult to love your neighbor (especially if he owes you money and does not give a skunk or something else like that)

And finally, I wish all the good karma, and the main thing – love.

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