Depression from Latin translates as press, repress. The symptoms of this mental illness are a bad mood, lack of joy, indifference to life, low self-esteem, apathy, etc. Perhaps, there are no people in the world who would not have this disease. Of course, depression is different in form and scale from the blues (blues – the easiest form of depression) to manic depressive psychosis (here the area of psychiatry). And what is the general depression, why it occurs and how to avoid and get rid of it in this article.

Depression – an aggression aimed at your self. This definition at first look seems strange if the depression manifests itself as apathy what is the same here with the aggression? The thing is that the human psyche is not so simple, as it might seem. This is a large and complex mechanism in which a lot of different wheels, gears, wrenches, and it all revolves, rotates, revolves. Gears rub against the wheels, their friction, we are born of thought. Different ideas are born from different wheels and gears. Moreover, these wheels are not all simple inanimate pieces of metal, they are alive, and they represent a complex mosaic of our personality. (Conventionally, these wheels are our emotions, feelings, hunches, instincts) Our “I” – this is a big puzzle, puzzle designer, consisting of many particles; the particles sometimes contradict each other. Every time we argue with our self, hesitate in making decisions, doubt, at that moment one of our “I” fights with another “I” in the middle of all the wheels and cogs of our psyche, there is one very important detail – the conscience.


What is conscience? I really liked it a definition that is given in due time the religion of Voodoo: conscience – an ambassador of God. Or like Clive Staples Lewisite said: “First, God speaks to us in a whisper of love, if we don’t hear, then by the voice of conscience, if we don’t hear, then the cry of suffering.” They say some people’s conscience sleeps, perhaps, but when it wakes up, they are not to be envied. When they are spinning the wheel of our personality at random, they are thereby greatly strain our consciences (of course if it is at this point is not sleeping), and conscience can not remain silent, it is angry, it boils, and this is boiling caustic steam, this steam is depression.

It turns out that depression is not always bad. (An interesting fact is that many outstanding and creative people suffered from severe depression, among them Beethoven, Mozart, Vincent van Gogh, Winston Churchill). Depression – this is simply a signal that our personality is not all right. Likewise, when our tooth is caries, tooth starts to hurt and the pain is a sign that the tooth is not so good, we’re going to the dentist and treat the tooth.

And to the person who rarely all right, because many people are sure to experience this psychological disease. To avoid depression should be well to understand myself. Unfortunately, modern psychology and psychotherapy in the treatment of depression largely treat only the symptoms (bad mood, apathy, low self-esteem, etc.) and not the actual cause of depression. It’s like if a dentist in the treatment of dental pain, just shooting pain, but did nothing to cause it – tooth decay. Of course, from time to time, the tooth started to ache again, and regularly visited the customer would then have the dentist for years, paying him money for something that he shot him a toothache. This situation is in the modern Western psychology.

But to solve the problem should be to identify the cause. That now and try to do.

The first and main cause of depression is a meaningless life, when we do not know where to go (in life), why do we live where we do not think much about who we are and what our purpose, what is the meaning of our lives. In this state we can live a long time, and without colliding with depression – it only says that the conscience of snoring softly on the barrel. But when it starts to wake up and it will, that person would of course suffer from depression. To most people major depression coming around the age of 40 years. In psychology this is known as a midlife crisis. That is 40 years old – it’s not that anyhow, and the equator of life, from the height of a person can see their lives, their achievements, accomplishments. And what if the look is nothing special? Bamts! And the depression set in, it’s just conscience finally woke up, slept all that time, until a man has spent his life watching television, drinking, partying, and other mindless entertainment. There are two outputs from this state: first silence the conscience, and then again put to sleep. For the muting is perfect, vodka, wine, beer (in large quantities), and other alcoholic drinks, anti-depressants, drugs (but there is a risk that not only stifle conscience, but life in general). A second output is quite simple – to fill life with meaning. Some psychologists advise people with depression find some hobby, in my opinion, this is good advice, the only hobby should be constructive, creative (hobby of drinking beer in a bar is unlikely to do).

While not exactly about hobbies. Too excessive enthusiasm can also lead to depression. Generally speaking, all that behind too, it is not well. Thus, the second cause of depression is a disappointment when not fulfilled our expectations, interest, or in other words, just our desires were not satisfied, as we like. This form of depression is not as bad as the first. Most of her experience just young people, idealists, with warm hearts, but in some but not enough common sense (but still young and green) to soberly assess the situation in which they fell. Therefore, the disappointments happen, but if there is a disappointment, then, before it was charming. As Winston Churchill said: “Who in his youth was not a revolutionary, has no heart, but who did not became in his old conservative, has no head” Common Sense comes with age, with time and experience, and weighs the rampant idealism. Therefore, periodic visit young people the depressions are quite normal. Of course, occur such forms of depression and with older people, therefore, reason to visit them is not granted, there’s nothing you can do. The best cure for such depression is a time.

There is still a very dangerous form of this reason for depression associated with inadequate self-esteem. When inflated self-esteem, or vice versa understated, it causes painful hobbies that will inevitably lead to great disappointment and severe depression. Many famous and talented people (mostly musicians) just often happens to such form of depression, which is the reason – high self-esteem when a person considers himself a center of the universe number 1, the genius, the superstar. An object of admiration for a person he is, a person does an idol of himself, of course the conscience can not stand of such ugliness and peel to the fullest. Even goes to suicide and self-destruction (Kurt Cobain, Jim Morrison, Jimi Hendrix prominent examples)

And the last reason for depression is associated with life’s losses. For example, when someone close to us, died. There’s nothing you can do, good cure for depression is a resignation to fate, deep faith and time. Finally we can recall the words of Mother Teresa’s pray, in which the following sentence: “God give us strength to accept what we can not change, change what we can change and the wisdom to distinguish one from another.”

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