Attention sect!

Attention sect!


The word sect from Latin origin and means – isolated group of people united by a common purpose. But in our daily lives sect associated with certain religious currents in the main destructive nature, such as the White Brotherhood, Aum Shinrikyo, or well-known of the same glorious Jehovah’s Witnesses, although a variety of sects in the world there is a huge set. What is a sect at all, and what signs sects try to make out in this article.

Somehow, in our minds very often there is a stereotype that the sect is something very bad, so take zombie, brainwashed, and then become an obedient slave sectarian. Of course, there are many sects, which it did, but on the other hand with all the modern TV advertising make zombie much better than any sect.

But back to the sects, it is not always a sect is something bad. All the great world religions began its emergence as a sect: the first Christian Roman Empire for a long time considered a very dangerous and destructive of the Jewish sect, sometimes severely persecuted, sometimes even some devoted Christians, became food for the hungry lions and tigers in the arenas of the Roman Colosseum. Likewise, when the Prophet Muhammad began to preach in the vicinity of Mecca, the belief in one God – Allah. His followers, who call themselves Muslims, decent people of Mecca was considered a very dangerous sect, the elders, forbade their children to communicate with Muslims and even began to pursue the latter ended up fleeing Muhammad from Mecca to Medina, but that’s another story. Buddhism from its inception to law-abiding Indians looked like a very bad sect, and the truth that the Buddha himself that imagines, the Indian caste denies the gods do not worship, is friendly with all kinds of beggars, Shudras, and even called Sudras brahmanami, unthinkable!

It is interesting that in the long run is not just a sect of religious community, the staff of any commercial enterprise, too, can be described as a sect, as described above, the sect is an isolated group of people united by a common goal, the team of any company is fully fit this description, but the overall goal is to making money. And even if the firm strongly developed corporate culture has its own anthem and flag, just a cult.

Therefore, the sect is not always bad, in fact sometimes even a sect is necessary because all our human society can be called great sect. But as awareness of the sect of people is represented as something destructive, but in future I will use this word in this sense.

Just imagine that you are standing at a bus station waiting for the bus, and your mind dwells on bright ad hanging at the bus station announcement. Announcement invites you to an interesting seminar on yoga, or come to the collective activity of meditation, or listening to lectures on philosophy, or take part in common prayer for peace throughout the world. And you decided to come, at the invitation. How do you know where you were or you are lured into a sect, or simply find ourselves in a sort of innocent people’s meeting?

Learn simple – there are few signs of the sect, it is enough to come and talk with its representatives, as here it is possible to conclude whether the sect is the sect:
The first and foremost a sign of a destructive cult is the assertion that only members of the sect has a monopoly on God, truth, wisdom, true knowledge, etc. All the other people (even members of other sects, religions, etc.) are wrong are on the wrong track, go to Hell. Those Jehovah’s Witnesses, a prime example. Although there are more cunning sect they may be well camouflaged and not speak directly to all the newcomers on their election. (Or on a great mission to save the world, the birth of a new race, etc.). As for me, these sects can be more dangerous if the Jehovah’s Witnesses are clearly at once, then there should be on the alert. And also look at the next sign of a destructive cult.

And the next sign is the presence of the sect in opposition to the world. When, for example, says something like: “That we have here a citadel of spirituality, while the world is caught up in sin.” Also, when all people are divided on their own and others, those in the sect (this may be the brotherhood of the guild, group, community, no matter how short a sect name-calling) and those outside the sect. This opposition of the sect and the world has very negative consequences for people with negligence in this sect to be (for most of the sect is of course the opposite is very profitable). Because of this people are broken and lost communication with the outside world, with old friends (who are outside the sect), relatives, sometimes even with their parents. As a rule, the sect tends to make people drawn into a cult, except himself, all his relatives. And if someone does not want to join the sect, then contact with him should be cut off. And then there comes a time when a person outside of the sect has no one, no friends, no relatives, then sect binds a man to his death grip, because the output of the sect to him is like a social death.

The third feature is the presence the sect of his teacher, a guru, whose wisdom is flawless. When there is a banal cult of personality, for example, come the announcement of collective meditation, and in the meditation hall like an icon, a portrait of a guy. Try it a little to criticize, make fun of his beard (if he is bearded of course) look at the reaction of the sectarians. (The more dangerous sect, the less sense of humor has its followers)

The fourth feature – a well-developed hierarchy when there is a whole heap of all the steps or initiation, and more especially when for every stage of initiation you have to pay money (sometimes a lot of money). A striking example is the Church of Scientology. Also under this sign very well does not just religious sects, but also people involved in network marketing, selling every Herbalife, Tiens, m-wei. In general, if a stay in the cult with you to do a lot of money, we should throw it out immediately. Any truth or spirituality can not be bought.

Well, the last by a fifth of the sect – a sect is not accepted to argue, criticize, question, disagree with the teachings of the sect. When they say something like, “Our theory is correct, because it is true, but who do not agree let him go away.” If this happens – would be reasonable to really go away. (From the sect).

And finally, I say never be attached to any group of people (especially if it can prove to be a sect) in the world there is so much beauty, that no one sect will never replace.

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