Religion in ancient Greece. Mythology.

Religion in ancient Greece. Mythology.

греческая мифология

Today, we are with you, like a submarine will dive into the depths of fascinating Greek mythology. After all, the Greek myths are the most interesting of this core religion of the ancient Greeks. The word “myth” from the Greek legend translates word, story or teaching. It so happened that the Greek myths are not just interesting history, and highly symbolic message, which incorporates many of the important things. Maybe this is the secret of such great popularity of Greek mythology worldwide.

One of the biggest myths is the myth of the creation of the world and the gods. So first there was only chaos, and nothing but gloom and around. And it was the chaos, perhaps bored one and here he decided one day (although the days when there was also) be a source of life. And then it was born from Chaos a great power – love, or eros. And she began to love-Eros all animate and create, so began to form our world. First rose goddess Gaia – Mother Earth, it is widely spread out its power, giving life to all that lives and grows on it. (In particular, and we, the people) is also a powerful Gaia-Earth has spawned endless blue sky – Uranus, and stretched the sky above the Earth. Uranium-sky-earth Gaia took as his wife.

Six sons and six daughters had Uranus and Gaia. Their kids were mighty and fearsome Titans. Their son, titanium Ocean spawned all of the water, the sea, rivers, lakes and oceans. Titan Hyperion and his wife gave birth to Teeyu Sun – Helios, Moon – Selene, and the morning star – Eos (Aurora or, in whose honor and was named the klyatyh cruiser in St. Petersburg, that once shot, and 70 years of Soviet rule of sausage). From the titans of Astrea and Eosa born all the stars in the night sky, and all the winds: the harsh northern Boreas, arid eastern Hebrews, humid southern Notes and pleasant west wind Zephyr.

Also titans spawned powerful Mother Earth three giant Cyclops (guys with one eye) and very big giants, the 50 head and 100 hand Hecatonchires.


These giants have caused a major conflict because Uranus hated his children-Sky giants and imprisoned them in the bowels of the earth, so that they never went to the surface, and Gaia suffered from Earth. And she decided (apparently in the spirit of modern feminists) who show in their family head. He summoned his children Titans and began to convince them to rebel against his father Uranus-Heaven. And no one dared to raise his hand against his father, except for his youngest son, cunning titanium crowns (absorbing all the time).

Crone (or even Chronos, which means “time”) cunning overthrew his father Uranus from his throne and took it his power. Goddess Night in Kron punishment for this act has created a whole bunch of dark gods: Thanatos – death, Eris – a quarrel, apathy – lie Coeur – destruction Nemesis – revenge, and hypnosis – a dream.

Crone Of course he was not sure that the government will always be in his hands. He was afraid that rises against him, and his children, and suffers the same fate as his father. To avoid this, he ordered his wife, Rhea to bring all the children born, which he mercilessly swallowed. Rhea was awful to see what fate awaits her children. 5th swallowed Krohn: Hestia, Demeter, Hera, Hades and Poseidon. The latter’s son, who was Zeus, was able to save, and instead of Ray slipped Kron large stone wrapped in diapers. Cronus swallowed his calm and did not notice that his obmanuli1.

Meanwhile, a small secret, Zeus grew up on the island of Crete, where the local nymphs nurtured the divine child; fed him goat’s milk.

He grew up and matured mighty god Zeus. He rebelled against his father and forced him Crohn burp his older brothers, swallowed sooner. Thus began the great struggle between the gods and the Titans, which lasted 10 years, and neither side could win. Also, some of the Titans sided with the gods, and one of the first was majestic ocean sea titanium. To help the gods came Cyclops, they forged Zeus lightning, which he threw to the high Olympus Titans on their enemies. In the end, the Titans were defeated by the gods-Olympians tie them together and imprisoned in the dark Tartarus – a place of eternal darkness.

So the gods, led by Zeus began to rule this world, however, dividing their power, Zeus became the ruler of heaven and earth with his high Mount Olympus. His brother Poseidon (also known as Neptune) was the ruler of the marine realm. Hades (or Pluto) became chief of the underworld kingdom, the world of the dead. But chief among them remained Zeus terrible god of thunder.

The next part will be dedicated to the Greek gods.

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