I am a man Plurality

I am a man Plurality


I wonder how often do we think of this kind of simple (and complicated at the same time) the question: “Who am I?”. (Looks like someone thinks constantly, while others never) At first glance, everything seems clear, for example, I Pasha, Masha someone, someone Vasya, but it’s just our names. Yet I am Ukrainian, and some Tajik someone Chinese. But it’s not me, just my nationality, I also have a profession, different hobbies, hobby, beard and beer belly (a little lie about the tummy). But who did I? You can say something pathetic, “Man.” But who is this man? A creature with two legs, two arms and a head something? Perhaps something deeper, much deeper.

This question is one of the most fundamental and philosophical. For many centuries, the crowd raznosherstyh thinkers struggle with his permission. Let us not, and we keep up with them. The Bible says that God created man in His own image and likeness, perhaps, divine likeness, is our true self That alone is worth to find it in yourself and everything will be type top, immediately become enlightened. Therefore, a shovel is the main instrument of the spiritual quest. (of course not the shovel, which for the garden, and that the shovel is to the mind)

And while we are in the unlimited power of our little “me.” Yes, exactly, ordinary human “I” is composed of many small “I” and no splitting (reproduction) nothing to do with personality.

First – everyone has a whole bunch of different desires, aspirations, desires, drives, and in this regard is experiencing a whole range of very different emotions. All these our little desires and aspirations to form their little “me.”

Second – each person has many different social roles, wears many masks, with different people behave differently. On the robot we are alone, we are different at home, with friends, we are third. Each of the masks also creates the little “I” with which we identify ourselves when we dress certainly appropriate mask.

All of these “I” create in our heads is something in the likeness of the shed where the “I” is the loudest screams as a result turns out to be at the helm of our lives. (and even destiny). However, it often happens that our various “I” can compete and fight with each other, then we have going on in the internal struggle. For example, “I” and a sweet tooth Food lovers fighting the “I” who want to lose weight. Or “I” for a beer lover fights with the “I” a fighter for sobriety, then there is a fundamental (directly akin to Hamlet) question – “To beer or not to beer” (To drink or not to drink, that is the question).

And so it goes that one thing is another “I” takes us over the top. All of these “I” is different, some of them will be very useful for us, the other on the contrary harmful and even destructive, but it is important to understand that all these small “I” is not our real “I”. Usually, all we ordinary people are the slaves of our small “I” which are our lives as they wish. For a qualitative transformation of our life, various esoteric systems and the Scientific Council to start thoroughly sort out their little “I”, to understand what “I” are dominant in our lives. And then create a “I”, which, as the host and the witness will monitor the activities of our small “I” (and, if necessary, to put them in place). Then the servant of his little “I” we become a master.

My good friend, a psychologist and psychotherapist Mikhail Nekrasov in his new book “Vitapsihologiya” leads ironic joke list of the most frequently encountered destructive little “I” in man. Here he is:

Deeply convinced that each of us is endowed with these or other small “i” from the list above. For example, when we want to get some fun or (to revel in the disco, or eat chocolate) then we conquer “svinyushka prohlazhdeniya and pleasure.” Or I’m here to broadcast about lofty matters at this point me just dominates the small “I” great teacher.

And since none of these small “I” is not our real “I” MM Nekrasov calls them false structures. There are false-designed structure, this is when one of our false “I” absorbs all the other little “I” and begins to fully and completely dominate us and our lives. If it is a small “i” is destructive, then the person can come to tragic consequences. For example, when “Pig prohlazhdeniya and pleasure” becomes completely dominated by the “I”, then the man is entirely obsessed with thirst of pleasure and enjoyment. This often leads to addiction or alcoholism, because the pleasure is easiest to get to the bottom of the green dragon.

And what if a man devour “addict labor.” It will be a workaholic may even be able to make a career in the classroom robot and earn a lot of money. But inside is deeply unfortunate, because the whole point of his life will be limited to the robot and nothing more. It is the poor fellow, even relaxed, really can not, and what’s the point in his career, and money?

The next article will focus more on the so-called, the false structure of our psyche, all these small “I” from the list.

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