Our false “I” and what to do with them. Start.

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The most significant and the most common figure of a possible “self” from our point of view, is the “Pig pleasure.” Pig Qualitative reorientation of the “I” is sufficient that the person has solved all their psychological problems or, in other words, became enlightened. All other available at the person “I” will gradually be integrated into a single command, and then by itself eliminate the need for the elaboration of the “I”. To find out why this is possible (one stroke and immediately all the birds), look at this figure more closely.

The main purpose of “Pigs pleasure” – is to get out of life as much as possible pleasure, enjoyment, bliss, and so on. E., That is positive emotional and physical states. Those “I” that our “pig” supports (ie, when under the direction of the “I” we work with pleasure, interest, passion, love), grow and get stronger. The same “I” who remain without emotional support, fade or entail a miserable existence. On this basis, we can ask ourselves the question, what if our “svinyushku” train to enjoy these values of our Higher “I” as studying, training, knowledge, implementation invulnerable values, creative work, etc., and to from what we usually get the pleasure to teach her indifferent attitude? The answer is, we hope, is clear.

And now let’s look at those of our sub-personalities (“I”), which are totally dependent on the state of our heroine’s “pig”

Let’s start with “the lazy man on a horoscope.” An overwhelming number of people believe that the problem of laziness related to the lack of a sufficient amount of human willpower. But this is, in our view, a significant psychological delusion. The fact that most of the so-called lazy people (especially children) sometimes exhibit exemplary enthusiasm in activities that interest them. Such people generally go through life on the occasion of the well-fed “pig” Of course, their “pig ” fiercely resistant to anything that she does not like. Suppress willpower this “pig ” for our mental and physical health – it is unsafe. After all, everything that we did not bring satisfaction (with the weakening of controls), will go away. This, unfortunately, do not understand people with the dominant sub-personalities called “good rapist.”

– What do we do – you ask, a “quitter by horoscope”? – Everything is very simple. Spend quality reprogramming “pig” and laziness will disappear from your life as if it had never existed. The next two are closely related to the “pig” figure – a “spineless eagle” and “bored a stump.”

“Spineless eagle” – is the eagle, who knows he can fly high. He also knows how to do it, but can not start doing it. What do you think, why can not he start his great deeds and accomplishments? True thought! He prevents it resists “pig” Her interests and fun lie in a different plane. What you need to do “spineless eagle” to start to fly? The answer, hope you is as clear as daylight.

“Bored stump.” If such an “I” in your being sometimes appears, it means that there are segments of the life that you live stupid and pointless. From our point of view, boredom – a warning of the Spirit, and depression – a punishment for his misspent moments of lived life. Indulging this attitude to life can lead to malignant depression. A remedy in this case is only one – we must at all costs to return the ability to self-improvement. The main obstacle to the use of this tool in most cases is still the same “pig” Therefore, you should start with the processing of our “pig” and not to suppress it through faith, as is usually done. Another cause of boredom is a loss of interest (the senselessness, the monotony of) your ” pig” to a running business. In this case it is necessary to study carefully the proposed transformation of our recommendation ” pig

The following figure is one of those rare figures transformation which does not prevent the ” pig ” – a “work addict,” a drug addict in the abundance of labor is something that most people do not have, is the ability to continuously make efforts in a specific direction. His “pig ” has transformed, and her constant efforts deliver satisfaction. This figure is problematic because labor is commonly used it as escape from their psychological problems of the relationship with life and himself. All you need to do “work addict” is start to make efforts not only in the form of favorite activities, but also in the direction of their psychological recovery and growth. And then “work addict” will be transformed into such a need for the “Spirit of life” figure as “hardworking”

At the end of the first part. In the next part we will focus on subpersonalities, which, although they depend on pig, but who are not close relatives.

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