Muhammad – the prophet of Allah. Part One.

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Prophet Muhammad – one of the brightest personalities in the history of the founder of the youngest world religion – Islam, was born on April 20 of the year 570 in the Arab city of Mecca. Interestingly, the birthday of Mohammed and the same day of his death, for Muslims, this is another sign of the God of the special mission of the Prophet in the history of mankind. According to legend, during labor on the boy’s mother – Amin, descended a bright column of light from the sky, and at the very moment of the birth of the boy fell to the ground stone pagan idols of Mecca and extinguished the flames in the main Zoroastrian temple of Gandzak (now northwestern Iran ).

Not much has information about childhood and youth of the future prophet, we know only that the boy’s father was a wealthy merchant and died shortly after his birth. The mother also died pretty soon, when Muhammad was only 6 years old, so at a very young age he became an orphan. (This, too, probably had its effect on the early years of our hero, making him a serious beyond his years). After the death of his parents, the boy took custody of his uncle Abu Talib, who was quite influential and wealthy merchant. With him Muhammad takes an active part in the caravan trade that brought him a good physical condition.

At the age of 21 years Muhammad marries Khadijah widowed resident of Mecca. All his life until his death, Khadija was the faithful companion of her husband in all his endeavors. From this successful marriage were born seven children, of whom three boys and four girls. (However, some of the children died shortly after birth, but then it was a harsh time, not all small babies have survived).

It would have lived a happy Muhammad himself, but not the well-known stories, lives a simple Bedouin Arab merchant, raising his many children and caring for the camels, leading commercial matters. But not only among the young camels interested Mohammed. In addition to material things strongly attracted male spiritual quest, and he spent a lot of time thinking about the meaning of life, the foundations of the universe, calling in this world, and so on. Over time, the spiritual quest became stronger and stronger, until finally, have not generated confidence in a guy, what he would have to know the true God and to announce to his countrymen the true faith.

In the month of Ramadan (now sacred to all Muslims) Muhammad loved to retire on Mount Hira near Mecca. During one such privacy at night in a dream appeared to him the mystery of man, wrapped in a blanket with a scroll in his hand and ordered imperiously: “Read!”. “But I do not know how to read,” – said Mohammed. Stranger vengeance squeezed his chest, so that he almost choked again imperiously commanded: “Read!”. Fearing for his life, Muhammad asked, “What should I read?”. And then came the words: “Read in the name of your Lord who created man, read! … And your Lord is generous, who taught man that he never knew … “

Muhammad repeated the words and was left alone. Waking up, he felt as if the strange words were sealed in his heart. Out on the mountainside, he heard a voice from heaven, “O Muhammad, are you – the messenger of Allah, and I Dzhabrail1.” Then there was a lot of visions. Gabriel often appeared to Muhammad in a dream, and sometimes reality. Sometimes, Gabriel was in the form of an ordinary person and led to Mohammed his instructive conversation, sometimes appeared as a bizarre winged creature, and sometimes just as painful tinnitus (ringing through the knowledge of the Divine Wisdom, though itself flowed into the head of Mohammed).

In fact, the future prophet at this time there is something similar to a shamanic ritual peresotvorenniya when spirits run over the soul of the shaman, preparing it for the great shaman or prophetic ministry. Mohammed also worked on the coolest of all the angels – angel Jabari.

Soon after Muhammad, overcoming uncertainty, he decided that required him to God, through Gabriel: began to preach the word of God. So on the dusty, sun-baked, Arab lands it came the great prophet and so began to emerge Islam.

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