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Доктор Ливси

Last time recently divorced many people who proudly call themselves the word “esoteric”. And a lot of people like to talk about higher matters, various chakras, karma, aura, signs of the zodiac, spirituality, and relationship with God, meditation and so on. And love to talk everywhere: on the train, the bus, in the market, a bar with a cup of coffee (or beer). But let’s be frank, to the real esoteric all these people have no any attitude. I decided to dream up on a theme, how would look real esoteric, if we met with him, for example in the train.

1. esoteric never will say, he esoteric. Esoteric will not just talk about higher matters; he has no need to chatter. He lives with higher matters, why should he talk about them. Unlike the fake esoteric who most in life like to chat about awareness, karmic connections and spiritual self-realization.

2. Nevertheless, esoteric has great sense of humor.

3. esoteric can be in different ways and behave very differently. He can drink beer, and may not drink alcohol, eat meat or be a vegetarian, can swear like a trooper, and may have a fine aristocratic manners, ride expensive Ferrari or walk. In fact, it’s not important to the esoteric, the essence is important, not the form.

4. esoteric always simple (even if nor simple) and immediate. Sometimes he (or she) may even be rude, strange, and eccentric (or may not be). Generally he does nor care about the impression that he can produce for others.

5. esoteric is not afraid to show his ignorance, because he knows that it is impossible to know everything (and even harmful to the brain).

6. In general, esoteric not afraid of anything (not even afraid to be afraid).

7. esoteric, usually older man getting on in years. It is understandable, because wisdom comes with age. But despite the gray hair, the eyes of the esoteric will be clear and childlike open (even a little naive). In spite for old age, esoteric can be surprised, have fun and discover new, though he is old on the outside, but the young at heart.

8. Sometimes the real esoteric can not even guess that he esoteric. And do not even know these wise words as ” esoteric “. The main thing is that he is a happy and happiness no matter what – is esoteric.

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