What is the meaning of our lives?

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If you suddenly found the meaning of life, then it’s time to consult a psychiatrist (just kidding)
Here’s a cool joke about the meaning of life recently came across on the Internet. She inspired me to write this article with the pathetic headline: “What is the meaning of our lives?”. Indeed, again, what is the meaning of our lives? This question is as old as the world.

One Jew (Moses) said that everything comes from God, another Jew (Solomon) said that everything comes from the mind, another Jew (Jesus) said that everything comes from heart, another Jew (Freud) said that everything comes from sex, another Jew (Einstein) said that everything is relative. Conclusion: how many Jews – so many opinions.

And because all the people a little bit Jews, and as result how many people, so many opinions. Especially for this question. There is no finished universal answer to this question, and can not be. It is sometimes people like to gather from near some highly respected and very spiritual gur and ask something like, “And tell us about, what is the meaning of our lives?”. Guru if he is a real guru, just send them far away. Fake guru, will teach and talk about lofty things: the service of God, the ideal, do good works (such as the meaning of life is to help the old ladies cross the street)

Well, do you understand? Just I wrote a recipe for how to distinguish between a real guru and fake guru. Of course it (the recipe) came up not in my head, but in one Jewish sages Baal Shem Tov head. One day a young man came to him with a question: “In our town there is a man who is considered a great saint. How can we distinguish whether he is a great saint, or just a crook posing as a saint? “. “Very simple” – said the Baal Shem, – “Go and ask him, what is the meaning of our lives. If he answer it, then he not saint. If – no, then really saint. “

This is wonderful Jewish parable. The fact that each question we have to answer by our self. And there is nothing to wait, that wise man or guru will make it for you. As a wise man or guru can not eat porridge for you or go to the toilet. There are things that we have to do our self, there are questions to which we must find the answer our self. But whatever the man, sooner or later, one way or another, he will ask himself this eternal question (after all, is what distinguishes us from the animals). And even then you have to turn your head on.

Finally I ask: “So what’s the meaning of life?”


He knows the answer.

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