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Continues the theme begun in the previous article. Namely, the knowledge about the system described in the books of Carlos Castaneda. This system transmits great wisdom, which supports a long time been real Americans – native Indian population of America, long before it was discovered by Columbus. Once upon a time in the territory of modern Mexico there was a very advanced civilization of the Toltecs, who were famous for its wisdom. Toltecs are the most mysterious Mesoamerican civilization as we know about them is very, very small.

We know only that this civilization has fallen and been destroyed, even much earlier than the time when the Americas territory for the first time set foot of the white man. According to legend, the Toltec civilization was destroyed under the impact of other warlike Indian tribes, who called themselves Aztecs. Later, the Aztecs themselves, too, have created a very powerful civilization that has existed for as long as to visit those first tourists did not come from Europe – the Spanish conquistadors (conquerors). That’s how some other conquerors have won.

However, in spite of everything, the wise teachings of the Toltecs, known as “the way of Warriors” persisted. It passed from mouth to mouth, from generation to generation, from teacher to student orally. People, who were carriers of this knowledge, conventionally called themselves the “seers” and kept their knowledge secret, especially from their conquerors (Aztec Indians and Spanish conquistadors). So the knowledge survived till modern times. And the old wise man of the Yaqui Indian – Don Juan Matus, who was waiting for his bus at a bus stop somewhere in Arizona, was just one of those people. When he was approached by a young student to get acquainted, Carlos Castaneda, he decided to take him as his student and share his knowledge.

The very wisdom of Don Juan, his way of the warrior, very much in common with the esoteric teachings of different religions in the world (This is why the teachings of Don Juan, refers to the esoteric.) It is amazing how people are in different parts of the world, someone in India, someone in America, someone in China, some in the West, one in Greece, came to the same thoughts.

Let’s start with the idea of a warrior. A warrior is not a soldier and a man with a sword (or gun, bazooka, tank, etc.) Warrior in the esoteric sense, not the one who fights with other people, and the warrior – one who is fighting with himself, with his own shortcomings, sins, etc. The idea of a warrior is present in all religions: Christianity in the ascetic monks called the warriors of Christ, and the battle they waged – spiritual fight. The key ideas of Islam is jihad – holy war. The Prophet Muhammad had in mind is not the same jihad that Muslim terrorists are the modern type of Osama bin Laden. This jihad – a jihad of the heart, the same war with your sins, and only the man who leads a jihad of the heart, may be called a warrior of Allah. In the system of Don Juan’s all the same, as a large space is devoted to meditation exercises. Yes, yes, American Indians, too, has long been engaged in meditation. A meditation itself don Juan called stopping the internal dialogue, and often lazy Castaneda made it to practice.

Interestingly, Castaneda and don Juan called the doctrine of magic. Of course, then it’s not about the magic to which we are accustomed from children’s fairy tales: every bearded wizards, enchanting spells or Harry Potter flying on broomsticks but magic alchemy as a spiritual transformation of man.

And now a few words about the main ideas of the teachings of Don Juan, which are of practical use and application in our daily life. (Described in Castaneda’s third book – “Journey to Istklan”)

1. Listen to the world. That is, to be more attentive to the world around us, because the world (or God?) Actually ever said to us, but do we hear it? Any events that happen around are not random and may be trademarks (and tips) for something. For example, I’m going to the bus and I think some of my question, there is a neighboring stranger ringing cell phone, he begins to speak, and in his conversation, I hear the answer to my question. Or, for example, we thought, something good, interesting, and then leaf fell in front of us (or boil the kettle in the kitchen, or a rooster crowed.) Don Juan is very poetically explains – in such moments, the world agrees.

2. Erase your personal history. This idea is a little difficult to understand (and still hard to perform), I myself did not realize it. Briefly its essence lies in the fact that many people talk less about themselves, to lower (or rather did not carry) empty talk. Or even shorter – in general, to speak less. Way of the Warrior involves significant internal changes of the man himself, and to prevent such changes are often other people. Since the way a person begins to change, but others continue to take it for what it was before, and it greatly hinders their perception of self promotion in the way of the warrior.

3. Get rid of self-importance. This is the most important (and also most difficult, but on the other hand is very simple) idea of teaching, because of a sense of self-importance, we constantly have a lot of negative emotions, offended, angry (as we are such good dare to touch), envy, fear, lazy (if you delve into the mind, laziness comes from self-importance). It spent a bunch of our energy comes through it vanity, falseness, hypocrisy, cowardice, self-pity, anger, lies, and much more. Get rid of them, too not easy, but it is the main goal of the warrior.

4. Constantly aware of his death. A warrior always remembers that he is mortal, and during his stay in this world could end at any time. Therefore, a warrior does not waste his time on activities of various nonsense, and every day lives like the last one.

5. Take responsibility for your actions. Before you make a decision or do any act of a warrior should have a good think about everything, but once the decision is made, the soldier is without doubt and regret that was not there. This means taking responsibility for their actions.

In the teachings of Don Juan is so much more interesting, but here it seems to me essential. The end.

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