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The patient kicks a psychiatrist lying on the floor, and cries: – Who’s nervous? This is me nervous? Joke.
So today will be talking about anger, this psychological illness, which often suffer or have suffered a lot of us. What is the anger, why do we get angry and how to deal with it all? I’ll try to bring more light about this in the article. The usual definition of anger goes something like this: Anger – a rapid expression of anger directed at the neighbor.

I will try to analyze the nature of anger, its causes and consequences of relying no longer on the classical psychology, and the Christian religious scriptures, which paid great attention to this issue. No wonder according to Christian doctrine, anger is one of the deadly sins, which often leads to the destruction of the human soul. Also in Eastern religions such as Buddhism and Hinduism anger is a major cause of human suffering in the endless cycle of death and rebirth (samsara).

Anger takes many forms. This is a hot temper, rancor, bitterness, anger, resentment, anger, slander. Sometimes, some forms of anger move to other (often grudge turns into resentment)

Very nicely described the nature of anger, the great Christian theologian Saint John (Ivan) Lestvichnic, who lived in the 6th century Byzantium. In his book, “The Ladder” it a couple of chapters devoted to precisely this psychological and spiritual problem.

Temper – a momentary fire of the heart (and mind) anger. Even the people who suffer from this, they say – “he has a hot temper.” This is a fairly common form of anger. People, who need to learn it is to contain his hot temper and sometimes keep quiet, do not respond to an insult, not to succumb to provocation (if possible). John Lestvichnic is very good about it says this: The Silence of the mouth – initial weapon against anger, but it is possible, under the cloak of silence, to hide a grudge. And it’s worse, it is better to speak, though in anger.

Grudge is another form of anger, much heavier and worse temper. The man with the temper will soon be acquired, yell, (as an option beats dishes, or to someone’s face), but goes away quickly, and the next day may already be in a good mood. If you have a grudge it is much worse, this is a serious mental illness. Hand in hand with a grudge are always hurt, like worms that will sharpen the soul of a man who keeps them in himself. In the Gospel it is written – “With his opponent quickly reconciled, while you’re still with him on the road” (Matthew 5:25) The best medicine for this disease is the forgiveness of their offenders. John Lestvichnic even adds to it the following: Do not then recognize yourself healthy from the disease, when the offender to pray for her or gifts, or bring him to his desk he was invited, but when you hear that he was in trouble, or corporeal soul hit, cry about him as about yourself.

Chagrin – unpleasant, annoying feeling that lodged in the soul. Sometimes, on some bad events that have happened to us. This form of anger directed at ourselves. (What a fool I was!, What did I do?), But may go to other people, then it will be a grudge. The best cure for grief is humility, the ability to make these events as they are.

Anger is one of the worst forms of anger. Is a combination of temper with a grudge. Lesvichnik John speaks of it: The Rage is well intentioned and nizvraschenie osramlenie soul.

Irritability – another form of anger. It happens when a person is too high opinion of himself. If the self-importance inflated like a balloon, can not do without irritability. To avoid this, we must suffer the opinion of ourselves a little bit down. Also, sometimes other people annoy certain traits that we have, but did not notice in themselves. Often the spleen becomes the condemnation of others, which leads to the form of anger – backbiting. St. John Lestvichnic says about it this way: Sometimes covers slander love, the desire to fix it. But if you love your neighbor do not abuse him, but pray for him. This way of acting only pleasing to the Lord . One of the shortest path to forgiveness from sins is to blame no one, for it is written: do not judge and nobody will judge you (Luke 6:37).

The reasons are also a lot of anger, some of them have already been mentioned here – a high opinion about themselves (self-importance), pride, vanity, are the main reasons for it. Also, anger is through greed (especially money), gluttony, love of entertainment, and other causes.

And in the end good Japanese Zen parable:

One samurai, a great warrior come to the enlightened Zen master Hakuin, and asked: – Is there a hell? Is there a heaven? If there is a heaven and hell, where is the gate? Where do I enter? This man was a simple soldier. Warriors are always simple. He knew only two things: life and death. He had no philosophy, he just wanted to know where the gate to escape hell and go to heaven. And Hakuin said, so that a soldier could understand. – Who are you? – Asked Hakuin. – I am a samurai – the warrior replied. This is a very honorable thing – to be a samurai in Japan. He said: “I – Samurai, leader of the samurai. The emperor himself paid tribute to me. ” Hakuin laughed and said: – You’re a samurai? You look like some pathetic ragamuffin! Samurai pride was hurt. He forgot why he had come. He instantly drew his sword and was about to kill Hakuin. Hakuin laughed and said: – This is the gate of hell. With sword in anger – you open them. Samurai realized all at once. He sheathed his sword. Hakuin and said: – Here open the gates of heaven.

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