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About a third of his life we are in a dream. (Some lazy people even more) and many people during sleep can see different dreams, sometimes exciting and sometimes scary, sometimes sexy (especially in spring). Who else, someone says that he sees no dreams at all or very rarely sees. Probably dreaming all and always, but just not all then remember their dreams upon awakening. Also, some dreams in black and white, and some – very colorful and bright. In psychology, it is believed that the more vivid and colorful dreams of a man, so he has richer imagination and fantasy, such dreams are characterized by creative people and children (who are creative by nature.) On the other hand vivid dreams may be the result of a protracted depression where the bright colors of dreams, how would compensate black and white perception of the world awake.

Since ancient times, people have been studying a very interesting phenomenon of dreams. Indeed, through the dreams we sometimes come to a very important message about our future destiny in the future. It was believed that dreams are sent by the gods to man, to convey his will, or warn about something. Psychologists from antiquity: the priests, druids, magicians, shamans had to know how to interpret dreams, and this interpretation has played a significant role in their activities.

On the interpretation of dreams mentioned in the Bible, the Old Testament. Recall the story of a Jewish boy Joseph who was sold by his brothers into slavery in Egypt. There, Joseph was in prison, where he successfully explained the dreams of two prisoners: the butlers, and the farmer (one of them should have been justified, and another to execute). At the same time, the Egyptian Pharaoh had a strange dream. In the dream, coming out of the river seven fat cows and grazed peacefully, then the same river came out seven skinny cows badly, and ate of the fatty 7. All the priests of the court, smashing their heads, could not explain that this dream could mean. Then Pharaoh heard about smart Jewish prisoners, who perfectly knows how to interpret dreams. Joseph explained Pharaoh’s dream without problems, it was a very important warning: seven fat cows meant seven years of productive and well-fed, which first had come to Egypt, seven thin cows meant seven poor lean years that followed the fertile years. With this in Egypt for seven productive years, made significant reserves of grain, and managed to avoid starvation. And Pharaoh put Joseph, the wise governor, manager, and generally his right hand.

Many saints, prophets and devotees especially during sleep talking to God. For example, the wise Solomon, when God appeared to him in a dream with gifts, Solomon chose the most precious gift – wisdom. Some ancient shamans and druids practiced a deliberate entry into the so-called trance sleep, during which they revealed the future. It is also practiced by shamans such a thing as lucid dreams – this is when a person during sleep realizes that this is a dream and can even control it. Much about lucid dreaming states in the books of Carlos Castaneda. Among the spiritual practices that are taught by the wise Indian Castaneda Don Juan, a large place occupied by vehicles entering lucid dreams, which are called – the art of dreaming.

Strong interest in dreams began in the late 19th and early 20th century and is connected with the birth of modern psychology as a science. The fact that the father of modern psychology, Sigmund Freud paid much attention to dreams, considering them a door into the depths of the human subconscious. According to Freud the subconscious is through a variety of dreams, the language of symbols, speaks to us. Thus, interpreting and explaining people’s dreams, it is possible to identify certain psychological problems, which lie in the depths of the subconscious, and to take steps to eliminate these problems. This is one of the main ideas of Freud’s psychological therapy.

Well-known fact is that the psychologist Freud very much attention placed to the sex and sexual energy in human life, and many psychological problems linked to repressed sexual energy of the subconscious mind. So, for example, when a patient during sleep (not erotic) dream , say, a cave, the dream Freud could be interpreted as a manifestation of repressed sexual energy, and the cave as it symbolizes, yes, a woman’s womb.


For some reason, this is how Freud’s portrayed cartoonist. As for Freud, is a wonderful anecdote:

Little daughter came to Freud said, ‘Dad, Dad, I saw an interesting dream. I dreamed that I eat a big, big banana. What could mean this dream? “Freud as much as the poor fellow choked, was silent for some minutes thoughtfully, and finally said to her:” You know my daughter, sometimes a banana – it’s just a banana.”

Returning to the dreams, it is worth noting that the creative people, sometimes, it is during sleep come good ideas. An outstanding composer Mozart received many of his tunes in a dream. Some poets dream come poems, and chemist Mendeleev, his famous periodic table, too, dreamed a dream. In general, dreams can be divided into several types, I’ll try to do it:

Common Dreams – everything is simple, ordinary dreams are dreams, when sleep is a continuation of our everyday life, such dreams we have somewhere to go, we meet with someone, do some everyday things, nothing unusual in them does not occur, and after waking up, we quickly forget about such dreams.

Prophetic dreams – dreams that later come true. As a rule, they are very bright and have a strong charge, which persists even after waking up. Yet such dreams are called – “a dream in your hand.”

Nightmares – dreams, where we have something bad happens, we get into any trouble, and when awake, then be happy to realize that it was only a dream. From the standpoint of psychology, these dreams are expressions of our hidden and unconscious (or perhaps conscious) fears and anxieties.

Erotic Dreams – Well here without comment. (Grandfather Freud happily jumping on one leg.)

Lucid dreams – dreams, during which we clearly understand that we are in a dream and can even control it. In practice, a long stay in a lucid dream, it is difficult, because as soon as aware of what we dream, we can wake up.

Dreams-test. If it happens that God speaks to us through dreams, it can do, and another famous character – the devil. In the Christian ascetic writings much talked about the danger of dreams, during which the unclean is sure to be a believer to seduce his way to righteousness. If devil can not draw any Christian saint to sin awake, he (the devil) tries to do it in a dream.

Symbolic dreams – very vivid dreams that come from very deep layers of our psyche. At times, may even dream of any episodes of our past lives (if you believe in the theory of reincarnation). For example, I often dream of medieval Europe, some locks and events, which in this life have nothing to do. I suspect that this is from a past life. Such dreams are very strong and memorable, if not for life, then for a long time for sure.

Well, in the end of the parable of the great Taoist sage Chuang Tzu:

Once a famous Taoist sage named Chuang Tzu, a well-slept, and in a dream hew saw great butterfly. Once the sage awoke, he was fast thinking on the question: is there really Chuang Tzu dreamed that he saw a butterfly? Or conversely, a butterfly dreaming that she sees Chuang Tzu?


P. S. Also sometimes it’s very interesting to understand what can mean some of ours dreams. For example, recently I dreamed how I was on profesional flat roofing in Toronto, and now I wonder – what’s the meaning of this dream in my life.

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