Religion in ancient Greece. Gods. Part One.

Religion in ancient Greece. Gods. Part One.

Боги Олимпа

Gods in the religion of the ancient Greeks too much, but they are all very interesting and charismatic characters. It is worth noting that the gods of the Greek pantheon, even more like ordinary people than actually on the gods. As they say, if the gods created humans in his own image, people will pay them back in the same coin. In short, the Greek gods are all the same drawbacks as the ordinary mortals, sometimes they are just envious, vain, cunning, (even cunning) love to quarrel with each drugom1, do some dirty tricks and so on. Maybe the thing is that in mythical stories about the gods, the creators of the myths on the example of the gods, just wanted to show just how many human vices and weaknesses. No wonder the Gospel is written: Jesus answered them, Is it not written in your law, ‘I said, you are gods? “(Jn. 10:34)


Therefore, reading the myths about the gods, we do not read about their gods, and read them to us, something like this.

Here is a formidable sculpture of the god Zeus (Hermitage, St. Petersburg) – the main patron of the Greek gods, who majestically enthroned in his divine abode on Mount Olympus. Zeus – the god of the sky, lightning, and is the supreme god of the Greeks. That he shared the good and evil on earth. In his right hand, Zeus holds little winged girl. This Nike – the goddess of victory, loyal ally of Zeus, with its support throughout the achieves victory. (In particular, the love affairs, to which a great lover of Zeus)


This goddess Hera (still known as Juno) – the faithful wife of Zeus, the goddess of marriage, motherhood patroness. And very jealous Hera, and she has something to be jealous, because her divine husband Zeus, the more womanizer and a womanizer, a big fan of going to the left, constantly changing Gero with many earthly beauties. So jealous Hera in many myths constantly trying to avenge his earthly rivals and their heroic sons (born from Zeus), such as Hercules, Theseus, Aeneas.


One of the most popular Greek goddesses have glorious Athens. It is in her honor was named the capital of Greece – Athens and Athena herself was considered the patroness of the city. Athena – the daughter of Zeus, goddess of wisdom, according to legend, Athena was born from the head of Zeus. Zeus sat and thought a thought, and suddenly his head was sick strongly strongly. And then out of his head began to come out wise Athena, who was not only wise, but also a militant, was born immediately after a helmet and spear. Athena was the patron of many brave and courageous heroes and warriors, Perseus is she helped defeat Medusa the Gorgon, Odysseus suggested the idea about a Trojan horse, helping Hercules and Theseus.


Interesting is the Greek god Apollo. Apollo was born from Zeus and his mother was a beautiful nymph Latona, which of course caused great anger of the jealous Hera. Hera sent a terrible dragon – Typhon to the beautiful Latona pursued. Hiding, Latona took refuge on the island of Delos, where she had two divine children: Apollo and Artemis. After the Apollo grew and matured, he went on pilgrimage to the cave terrible Typhon, and in a duel wins a terrible monster, haunted by his mother. On the site of his victory he founded the Apollo temple in honor of himself, then round it up the ancient Greek city of Delphi, and the temple became known as the Delphic oracle. Apollo was the patron god of science, art, music leader. Apollo is often depicted with a cithara (something like a Greek guitar) in which Apollo plays amazing divine music. Son of Apollo – the demigod Asclepius was an outstanding doctor.


Artemis – the sister of Apollo. He became the goddess of the hunt, the patroness of forests, forest animals and plants. And always young Artemis continues to remain a virgin and is a symbol of women’s chastity. A sculpture of Artemis in the form of the Roman name options – Diana, in particular, is in my hometown of Leo, at its heart – on the Market Square.


Ares – the son of Zeus and Hera, the god of war and fierce battles. In ancient Greece, the god embodied the ideal of brave brave warrior, but compared to other gods enjoyed much less respect. This is due to the fact that Zeus is not very fond of his son, Ares, for his cruelty and bloodlust. The Romans called Ares Mars. The planet Mars is named after the god, because her face red as blood, who loved to shed on the battlefield a fierce Ares.

This concludes the first part of the narrative of the Greek gods, because they are many, and all of them interesting, so that continued in the following sections.

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