Osho Dynamic Meditation

Osho Dynamic Meditation


One of the common stereotypes about meditation is the idea that meditation – a very passive phenomenon, and the people who practice it have to sit still. Today I have a little break down this stereotype, because meditation – not always a passive seat to the pope in the lotus position (or posture on the couch). There is also an active meditation, or dynamic (from the word “dynamic” ie, movement).

In writing an article inspired me recently participated in such a dynamic meditation esoteric center of Lviv. This type of meditation was designed by a famous Indian guru Osho1. Designed them actually for Europeans and Americans, who are used to conduct business active lifestyle constantly in motion. So business people moving incredibly difficult to practice the classical passive sitting meditation.

The essence of dynamic meditation is this: there are four stages of 10 minutes each that combine both active and quiet. And all this takes place under specific shamanistic drum music (music specially selected for meditation by Osho Institute of Music). The first phase of 10 minutes is the respiration rate with active movements. There is an effect of breathing techniques that allow a person to enter into a so-called “state of altered consciousness”, or just in a trance.

The second 10-minute stage is called catharsis or a bunch of tomfoolery. When it releases the excess energy (especially negative energy: any aggression, insults, etc.) during the tomfoolery-catharsis people screaming, jumping, active noise and do all sorts of other crazy things (the main thing that they do not contradict the current legislation). Participants meditation at this stage is not important frightened afford to be natural and spontaneous, open in full, to release themselves from the steam.

The third stage – work with sexual energy (which is so fond of saying grandfather Osho) People repeat the sound “hoo” (it’s kind of a mantra) while galloping heels. According to the idea of Osho it strengthens the energy of the sexual center of man (the 2nd chakra – svadhisthana)

Finally, in the fourth step, all activity ceases, intense drum rhythms give way to quiet music. After a period of active movements of rest and relaxation. You hear the command “stop” and freeze all (as in the children’s game “Braving the waves, the sea two worries, Worries Sea three – stand still”). Then comes the phase of the full total relaxation, all participants lie down or sit down and pulled away.

Throughout the meditation (especially active periods) it is important to disable the control of his mind (and the mind as much as possible). But instead of the mind to start listening to your body, believe me, he has a lot to say. In conclusion, if you are interested in Osho dynamic meditation, and there is a desire to try to practice it, the esoteric center of Lviv is now held regular classes at a meditation.

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